Thursday, January 25

a peek at Mtn Mist...

It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous race day:
6am: 33°F
9am: 42°F
12pm: 52°F
3pm: 54°F
6pm: 48°F
The race starts at 8am CST, partly cloudy, with wind chills only amounting to a few degrees. Chance of rain 20%. It's going to warm up nicely and almost makes me want to wear shorts, but I think I might just deal with tights - as long as I have a singlet on, I can regulate my temps pretty well. We'll see - I'll probably change 3 times that morning :) I think I'm ready - I have lots of different goals, but first and foremost is to not get hurt and finish. Then finish around 6.5 hrs... We'll see. It's a tougher course that StumpJump, but I'm also much more prepared. Fingers crossed it's another great day on my feet! I'm not going to take my camera on the course (heck, it is a race afterall!) so I'll just have to link to others posted later.

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