Saturday, January 13

umm... oops.

i borrow people's gear enough, but usually just little things like ropes, packs, lights, etc. today, i rode jesse's bike, to test out some nicer components that just might find it's way onto my new ride. i don't know much about the frame (it was a kona kula; i'll be getting a lynskey)...but the rest of it was sweeeet: magura marta hydros (wow, infreakincredible stopping power), x9 shifters (thumb-only - simple, nice, and felt very natural), and a reba fork (i can't even compare this to the duke on my trek). in all, i am now just more psyched to have my new bike (likely coming in 2-3 months, so patience will be key). we rode up at raccoon mountain - overcast and the trails were empty when we got there. i actually was riding great and feeling confident. then a little stick wanted to interfere with my fun, catching on the rear derailleur and snapping it off. ride over. i felt like a tool when jesse finally doubled back wondering where the heck i was, only to find me hiking out with the bike on my shoulders. sigh. luckily the part is cheap, but still... i suck!



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