Sunday, December 3

TrailBlazers & Tsali

The Support Crew (aka. "board of directors") of the TrailBlazers Adventure Racing Club had our annual planning retreat this weekend. In the past we've just done it at someone's house, but since we've grown so much this past year (11 chapters in 6 states!), we picked a somewhat central area to convene. The area we picked was the gorgeous Nantahala National Forest.


We met all day Saturday (literally... 8 hrs of "stuff"). We luckily finished just in time for me to watch the Gators kick off a great football game (SEC Championships!! And just heard we got the BCS bid for the National Championships!!!). My celebrations continue with some cold beer and the hot tub... (and this great view of the moon).

Sunday was left for a play day, so Jim, Carol & I hit the trails at Tsali with our mountain bikes. We started on the right loop, then Carol headed back while Jim & I went on to the Overlook Trail and Left Loop (backwards - which flowed very nice). I had a great ride and was able to work on some of my bad habits that plaque my technical riding. Everything finally felt good & comfortable for a change, which has me psyched. I hope I can continue this practice throughout the winter, as it will certainly help my racing (and also my leisure riding) next year.


Anonymous namrita said...

I have fond memories of the overlook and the left loop..aah!


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