Monday, November 20

Cumberland Trail Hike

Sunday, I joined some friends for a run on the Cumberland Trail, a 300+ mile trail that runs from Prentice Cooper & Chickamauga in Chattanooga, up to Cumberland Park in Kentucky. I think there may be an idea brewing to run all of it at some point - in stages, of course. We tackled an 8.9 mile section in Soddy-Daisy, called the Board Camp Creek Trail. Finding the starting point was a bit challenging, but once located, we were led through gorgeous hardwood and pine forests and along scenic gorges, with water misting over the rocks above us (luckily we didn't get too wet, as it probably didn't make it out of the low 40s). We were not able to ford the creek near the end for the final ascent to Hotwater Road (we estimate we were about .5-.75miles away), so we probably ran about 8.25miles of the trail... x2 (out & back), plus another 4 or so in our efforts to find the trail head, we logged a solid 19+ miles.

A few pics are below; more are here.


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