Tuesday, December 12

it must be winter...

when the waterfalls freeze! ok, so these are small ones, but it was still cool to see. these pics are from the trailblazers' nav training we held (or rather christmas easter egg hunt, as jim calls it). while the nav wasn't particularly difficult, some of the route choices made for interesting times - like our bushwack about 400' down the side of the gorge down to CP8 (we chose a route down a small reentrant west of CP3, near the number 3 in 1300'). Check out on the map here... This area was the North Chick Gorge, which is part of the Cumberland Trail that I've been running. (the rest of my running crew hit the Possum Creek Gorge segment, which hopefully we'll revisit in early January as our last long run before Mountain Mist!)

>more pics here


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