Friday, February 16

more colorado pics

the rest of my trip was of course amazing! i found out that i am a nordic girl at heart - loved the skate skiing and classic, but was absolutely terrified when i put some tele skis on and hit the beginner slope. those little kids kicked my ass down that mole hill! in general, the weather was pretty warm - not that different from chattanooga actually. (the week before though, temps were in the negatives!) now that i'm back from vacation, i have the grass is greener syndrome... i'm just about all ready to pack up and move :) now, back to reality... sigh!

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Blogger Lorna said...

I know what you mean about wanting to pack up and move. I almost wanted to do that just from looking at your pictures!

In 1992 I went on a trip to Whistler, went mountain biking for the first time etc. When I got back to Toronto I quit my job, packed up my car and headed back out west!

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