Sunday, January 31

Another wintery weekend

PART ONE: Friday: the quest to get home
The winter storm that was supposed to just be rain for us was most definitely much more. We got dumped on. I thought I played it safe and didn't go to the Y after getting out of work early... but there were no salt or sand trucks in action yet and getting home was rough. Still had to leave my car a few houses down as it couldn't get up my hill.

PART TWO: Saturday morning: a new kind of pain
I tried something new in the new year and signed up for the TN Indoor Rowing Championships. Anders has been giving me some form tips and workouts to do, so I thought, why not. I signed up on the last day of pre-reg, a mere 2 weeks to prep. Nothing like diving right in :) There's a category called Never Ever for women that have never raced on water (today's event was held on the rowing machines ("ergs") you commonly see in gyms). Unfortunately, the winter storm kept many of the regional schools from coming out. UTC, UT, Auburn and Alabama were there, along with the local high schools and rowing clubs. And me... in my Gator tri-shorts :) There ended up being only 3 of us in our race - 6 of the other pre-registered girls didn't show. (And Rebecca flew in 5 min before the start, geared to go). It was a painful sort of fun. Just 2k long, but you're going almost all out the entire time and totally fall-on-your-face worked at the end. I won with a time of 8:11 (was aiming for closer to 8:00, but it's really hard to figure out pacing - I didn't want to bonk at the end.) Looking at the posted results later, it would have had me in the top 3 of many of the collegiate women races which was cool.

I think I was the only one there old enough to legally drink from the stein.

PART THREE: Saturday afternoon: slush puppies
i joined a group this afternoon for a snowy, slushy, icy run on lookout mountain. i decided to test out the yak tracks, since they may be a mandatory piece of gear for the upcoming Mount Mitchell Challenge. it was beautiful up there - a true winter wonderland, with ice covering tree branches and lots of snow underfoot. we did hear one big tree fall which had me sketched out a bit, so we didn't venture onto the tight singletrack.

PART FOUR: Sunday afternoon: running with hard hats
ok, not really, but it might have been a good idea. i went for another long run at lookout. gorgeous, with the sun making all the ice sparkle; and, make it melt. bits of ice were falling off the tree branches far above, causing a constant windchimey sound. luckily the pieces were small and usually shattered once they hit you.

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