Friday, July 3

the tour divide

if you want epic, look no further. this race is a beast. it starts in gorgeous banff, alberta and finishes just yonder - in antelope wells, new mexico (right on the mexico/us border). once completed, athletes will have ridden nearly 3000 miles and climbed the equivalent of almost 3 mount everests.

who would want to do such a thing? actually, many people... last year, fellow southern adventure racer artie olson did it, finishing second in 21 days & 13 hrs. this year, a friend from leadville, ccannon shockley, is out therer. his last SPOT checkin was at silver city, nm... he's getting close!

anyways, check out the site - esp the blog area... there's call ins from the racers and a few pictures scattered about. pretty amazing.

no, i do not want to be out there myself! :)


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